This CD-Rom is MAC-PC compatible.

Wild Exhibition is a work realized by a contemporary plastician artist.
This polymorphic and " mutisupport " work exists also as a CD-Rom.

Because of its original interface, Xavier Cahen introduces us next to 50 minuts animation formated 380 x 520 ppi. Each animation is composed of one image and a testimony of its exhibition in a non artistic context in Paris, France. These twelve animations introduce us, by using excerpts, to the definition of the tool, and the artist invites us to confront it with our own reality.

The reflection around the tools is truly the work's backbone. It crosses through various fields of interest, such as art, its relationship to the public, and naturally, the tools.

Beware :

You need an Internet connection in order to be able to enjoy fully all the functions of this CD-Rom.

It only exists in a French Version.

To order:

Price: 30,337 Euro or 27,966 Usd US

+ Mail expedition ( 8 Euro or 7,5 Usd US )

Xavier Cahen -187 rue du fg. poissonnière - 75009 Paris France

By bank check to Xavier Cahen


Bookshop :

Bookstore Flammarion du centre Georges Pompidou (Paris)

Bookstore du Musée d'Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris (Paris)

Bookstore du jeu de Paume (Paris)

Bookstore Gibert Joseph (Paris)

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Bookstore artazart 83 Quai de Valmy 75010 Paris ou (Paris)

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Consultation :

Nationale Library of France (site Francois Mitterand)

Bruxelles/Brussel 2000 Anspach center (Belgique/Belgium)

Musee d'Art Contemporain de Montreal"médiatheque"(Canada)

Videoformes (Clermont-Ferrand)