Wild Exhibition is an image exhibition focusing on the tools thematic, inspired by an old definition from the Encyclopædia Universalis.

During your visit, you will be able to discover the twelve images and excepts from the definition that are composing Wild Exibition, the same way passers by and saunterers from the streets of Paris had the chance to discover them.

The principle of Wild Exhibition is to be an exhibition without any limitation, without any localisation, (hundred localisations), but also without any support or without any multisupport.

It is in a shape of printed post cards, animated sequences on a CD-Rom, in a luminescent light on this site, and finally in a shape of a JPG file that can be downloaded and printed on this site.
This site allows you as well to exhibit or to send the post cards to somebody you choose. And so, you are carrying on with the principle of Wild Exhibition which is to be a free and aleatory exhibition.

In order to know more about this experimentation, you are welcome to get the CD-Rom on sale on this site.

Enjoy your visit!

Xavier Cahen